Parliament South Australia
Live Broadcast
The Parliament of South Australia, through the offices of the President of the Legislative Council and the Speaker of the House of Assembly, as owners of the live streamed media content, restricts the usage of this material for private and non-commercial purposes only.
Access to the live streaming of proceedings of the Legislative Council and House of Assembly of the Parliament of South Australia is provided on the condition that you shall not record, copy, modify, digitally manipulate, republish or redistribute any of the Parliamentary proceedings from the Web Casts, except in accordance with the conditions stated below.
Broadcasting material shall be used only for the purpose of fair and accurate reports of proceedings and shall not be used for political party advertising or election campaigns; commercial sponsorship or commercial advertising; satire, ridicule or denigration; or media advertising or promotion.
Republication by others is not afforded the same protection and may result in exposure to legal liability if the material is defamatory.
Live streams from parliamentary committees may be available at the discretion of the relevant committee.
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